Croatia is a very underrated country to visit, especially for Americans. This country offers so much and the cost is so cheap, it’s no wonder that the tourism is picking up.

Croatia is a fantastic country to visit full of jagged coastlines and rivers, mountains, beaches, and waterfalls.

One of the most beautiful locations for an epic waterfall is at Plitvice Lakes National Park. Most of the photo you see online of jaw-dropping waterfalls are most likely taken here!

The two waterfall locations in Croatia, Krka and Plitvice, are the country’s most coveted tourist attractions. Here’s a few points on each:

Plitvice: An iconic Croatian destination with magnificent lower lakes that have spectacular waterfalls. This location is a UNESCO World Heritage destination. However, it is very crowded and in an isolated location.

Krka: A much more relaxed and quiet scene where you can sit back and have more fun without feeling rushed. The weather is mostly sunny here because of a certain mountain range which plays a big role in how much sun there is on a given day. You can swim in the lakes at Krka which is forbidden at Plitvice.

Krka also has beautiful trails to explore and a small town called Sibenik. Sibenik also as a UNESCO World Heritage Cathedral and a very beautiful coastline.

If there is time for both, it’s best to see all that you can! Bu Krka would not be a mistake to pick over the crowded Plitvice park!