Yvonne Ak Johnson TheatreYes, all over Europe there are major economies failing and recessions occurring, with rising unemployment rates for citizens – especially young people. This is sad news, however, there is a way to help.

Vacation! It’s best to stay in local Mom & Pop types of housing – AirBNB and HomeAway serve a great purpose in this situation because you are individually helping people while enjoying their country, paying for their delicious food that is near priceless, getting entry into their museums that they cherish, and overall, it does benefit both parties.

Lisbon, Portugal, is the country’s capital.
A beautiful city full of great restaurants, bars, shops, museums, and culture.

Things to remember about Lisbon:
– Check out the Beer Museum
– Make it to the Lisbon Story Center (History of)
– Eat at Martim Moniz Square

Lagos, Portugal, is a beautiful seaside town.
Along the bank of Rio Bensafrim, Lagos showcases a quant cobble-stoned street with churches and picturesque plazas. However, beyond these 16th-century enclosing walls likes a vast modern sprawl, however it is not totally unattractive.

Things to remember about Lagos:
– Great restaurants & seafood
– Great beaches & nightlife
– History of Lagos (Portugal’s Age of Discoveries)

Porto, Portugal, is another coastal city best known for it’s Port wine.
Full of impressive and visually appealing bridges, Porto is a sprawling town full of old and new world charm. It is the second largest city after Lisbon and has plenty of history.

Things to remember about Porto:
– Go to Ribeira, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
– Try some Port wine at traditional wine houses
– Check out the lavish and magical Livraria Lello & Irmao (Vitcorian/baroque library)

Portugal is a beautiful country with great food, people, and scenery, as well as an important and interesting history. Lodging, dining, and playing in Portugal is quite inexpensive these days because of the recession, however, if you can find time to make it out there for a long weekend, it will be well worth it!