Kauai is one of the oldest Hawaiian islands, this making it very green and lush – also with the wettest spot on earth per rain drops per year. Kauai is a mystical little island that exudes beauty and tranquility.

When people think Hawaii, they think pristine stretches of sandy beaches and the ocean as clear as a pool. However, the Hawaiian islands are actually quite different. In Kauai, the island itself captures the attention of the traveler with it’s verdant trees and impressive mountains. The island is beautiful and lush, full of farm land, free range chickens, and fruit trees free for picking.

Kauai is all about adventure. It can be described as a natural Disney World – with so many attractions in terms of beaches, towns, parks, mountains, hikes, rock formations, and historic sites. Kauai is one of those places that you can’t forget.

It’s completely immersive – Anyone who has been to Hawaii can tell you that once you’re there, you’re on island time. It is therapeutic to be there and offers a sense of renewal to the stressed masses.

A few highlights of Kauai:

– Secret Beach. Find this specific beach (after a hike down) and feast your eyes on waters that resemble the Caribbean and offer some of the best snorkeling on the island.

– Po’ipu. This southern town is growing rapidly, but still maintaining it’s roots. The town is made up of several beautiful resorts, communities, restaurants, beaches, and the famous Spouting Hole.

– Hanalei Bay. Hanalei is on the northern tip of the island, is a sweet little town with great food and little shops. The bay itself is popular for boats, swimming, and relaxing in cottages by the beach. This is where The Descendants with George Clooney was filmed.

– Waimea Canyon + Napali Coast. These are some of the most impressive views you will ever find. The Napali Coast is inhabitable as it reaches the sea with cliffs and arms of volcanic mountain ranges forming into the ocean. The colors of the mountain range with the vastness of the formation – at about 4500 feet – offers such an impressive visual for the adventurous soul.

Yvonne AK Johnson