Yvonne AK Johnson Stinketh

Scotland is a place packed with rich culture and history. Not only is Scotland a beautiful country with some of the most stunning landscapes in the word, but it also has many stunning castles and museums. Scottish people are very welcoming and proud to show their country to travelers.

Scottish people and culture are highly artistic and creative people. Edinburgh hosts the world’s largest arts festival called the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The Fringe has been exponentially growing in popularity over the past decade, with over 25 days of performances in 2014. Every august, hundreds of performers take stages across the city in over 300 venues. Almost every taste is represented at the Fringe: From big names to indie artists!

The Fringe is a special arts festival as it’s completely open-cess to the public which separates the Fringe from many other arts festivals in Europe. Think of the Fringe as an international arts market where anyone can perform – there is no selection committee. The festival gives an audience to artists who may not otherwise have the opportunity as well as introduce audiences to new artists. Many creative arts producers and artists are attracted to the festival because it is a huge networking event for the industry with the most dynamic types of art.

A few types of art performed at the Fringe are: Comedy, dance, musicals, opera, spoken word, exhibitions, galleries, children’s shows, circus acts, and theatre arts. People from all around the world come to perform and others come to witness the creativity and beauty of their work. The Fringe is the best environment to explore tastes, new techniques for performing, and meet other creatives like yourself.

The Fringe is a launch of artists, as well as a joy to be part of. It’s an extraordinary experience to this amount of creativity in one place.

Every creative person who wants to learn how to seek a career in the arts should attend this festival! There is no other festival in the world that has this level of excitement and energy.