Yvonne AK JohnsonYvonne A.K. Johnson is the CEO of Johnson Theatrical Management based in the Greater New York City area. Yvonne is passionate about music, the arts, and education. Her keen eye for talent and seeing potential in people has gotten her very far in her successful career. Yvonne is a woman with many passions, tastes, and desires. One of the most enjoyable things for Yvonne is sharing travel stories, researching new destinations, sharing travel adventures with others, as well as new locations to explore.

Yvonne is intrigued by the diversity of cultures around the world. She appreciates the similarities and differences as well as the general friendliness and openness that other cultures have to offer. Yvonne enjoys making new friends whilst on her travels and creating new experiences together. Linking her passions together, Yvonne makes her way to a play of musical in every country that she visits. It has also become tradition for Yvonne to go to the highest peak within each country, island, or city that she visits.

Yvonne A.K. Johnson spends most of her leisurely time by traveling. She has been all over the world ranging from Israel, Portugal, Russia, Hawaii, to Mexico. She as experienced many different types of lodging on her travels, which adds a significance to the experience. From lodging in a lavish, yet inexpensive hotel in Costa Rica that literally brought the Rainforest inside the shower room, frog included, to practical being able to reach out and touch the Duomo in Florence, Italy.

Yvonne A.K Johnson grew up with travel as an important part of her life. Her parents taught her that education and experience are highly valued tools that help build character, maturity, and wisdom. A pivotal travel experience for Yvonne was when she took a trip to Germany with her German teacher, Frau Ritter, during her junior year of high school. This trip covered a lot of “firsts” which makes it quite memorable to Yvonne, as it was her first trip abroad without her family. She remembers the first feelings of jet lag, using traveler’s checks, and having to budget for her trip as she paid for everything herself. This was a monumental experience in Yvonne’s development as this was the first time she was truly on her own and felt like she had bridged the gap from child to adult. A most memorable highlight of that trip to Germany was visiting The Black Forest (Schwartzwald) as well as Castle Neuschwanstein.

As Yvonne’s mother’s side of the family is from Montenegro, visiting this part of the Mediterranean is one of the important trips on her bucket list. A few other places Yvonne has next on her list include: Japan, Norway, New Zealand, Australia, the Caribbean, and Nova Scotia. Yvonne tries to take each travel opportunity whenever it arises and in the distant future, she wishes to host tours of some of her favorite visited places.

Travel is a huge part of Yvonne’s life and she feels grateful for every opportunity to travel as it expands her perspectives and in turn, benefits her artistry.